Developed by the NBA Top Shot team, Fast Break is inspired by some of our favorite sports games and traditions.

To play Fast Break


Instead of Fast Break rosters locking for good at the start of the first game of the night, players will lock once their games start. This means that users can adjust players in their lineups up until their games begin. If a player's game has already begun, they are not eligible to be swapped out. Additionally, if the first game of the day has an early start and you don't get your lineup submitted in time, don't worry, you can submit a lineup anytime before the final game of the day begins using only players whose games have not begun.

This feature, like many other features in Fast Break, will continue to evolve to provide the best possible playing experience for all of our collectors.


Wins Milestone Rewards - You will receive a 1 Moment pack for reaching 1 win with a chance at Rare Moments, You will receive a 2 Moment pack for reaching 3 wins with a higher chance at Rare Moments, you will receive a 3 Moment pack for reaching 5 wins with a higher chance at a Rare Moment and the highest chance at a Rare Moment. There will be /299 exclusive Rare Level Up Moments that can only be acquired through Fast Break.

These packs can be sold on the Pack Marketplace.

Run Rewards - The top 10 finishers for each 7 day period will receive a Rookie Debut pack.
Daily Rewards - 1st place - 25th place will receive a WNBA Rookie Debut Headliners Quick Rip pack.


When lineups lock, the game automatically determines your highest tier owned of each player.

5 Legendary is the highest you can have. 5 Common is the lowest you can have.

To spell this out more, the tiebreaker checks:
Number of Legendary Moments IF TIE THEN
Number of Rare Moments IF TIE THEN
Number of Common/Fandom IF TIE THEN
Lowest combined serial

For example, someone with 4 Rare and 1 Legendary Moment in their lineup will beat someone with 5 Rare Moments in their lineup. If more than one collector ties on the rarity tier used on any given day, the game will automatically determine the winner.

The game will look at the highest tier owned of each player in the winning lineup. It will then determine the lowest serial number owned of the player at that tier. All 5 numbers will be added together and the lowest sum will win that tiebreaker.

The last tiebreaker, if needed, will be time of submission: whoever submitted their lineup first will get the nod.


This leaderboard is sorted by total wins in the run. The tiebreaker is your average finishing position across all days played during the run.


Moments can only be played by one collector each night. This means if you try to use the same Moment (with the same exact serial number) as another person, only the person who owns the Moment at the time the player locks will get credit.Moments can be gifted or sold and used by another collector during the run, just not during the same night.