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To start, we quickly guide you through signing up to NBA Top Shot and opening your account, opening your first Pack and completing your first Challenge.

Here we take you through everything you need to know about our Moments. These are officially licensed in partnership with the NBA and NBPA.

The Pack Drop experience has the buzz of being in line for a new sneakers drop with the nostalgia and thrill of cardboard collecting with the potential of pulling something special.

The Marketplace where you can buy and sell your favorite NBA Top Shot Moments, and it's accessible to collectors around the world 24/7.

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why nba top shot?

"It's going to be much more than just having something in your wallet. Why it's important is because of the community, the experience, the connection between athlete and fan."

Via Roundtable Roundup

"I collect cards as a yute, as an adult we collect highlights!"

on collecting Top Shot Moments

"It's a new era of sports memorabilia and sports trading cards. When I was younger this would've been dope because I'd be able to interact with NBA players."

via HoopsHype's Michael Scotto

advanced features

Top Shot Score is the system that gives point values to Moments in your collection, which helps you access exclusive pack drops and compete on Leaderboards.

Offers are a powerful feature to connect collectors to the Moments they covet — whether or not it’s actually listed for sale. And the process is simple.

Trade Tickets are a way to turn Moments in your NBA Top Shot collection into a new pack filled with new Moments. Any Moment you own can be traded for 1 Trade Ticket.

Leaderboards add a new dimension to your collection and experience. As you build up your collection, you’ll be able to lock Moments to climb Leaderboards.

These Challenges will allow you to craft Moments into the Challenge Builder which will permanently remove, or burn, submitted Moments to receive a coveted reward.

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