Welcome to Top Shot Spurs!

Top Shot Spurs is the community account of the San Antonio Spurs set holders.

Our goal is to showcase the future of fandom in San Antonio and around the globe.



Our mission is to maximize the value in holding a San Antonio Spurs set through real-life utility (tickets and meetups), Moment giveaways, the upgrade program, Steady Breaks, and other ways of giving back to the community (charitable donations, etc.).

To get a glimpse of what we've done so far:

1. Donated $250 to
www.victimsfirst.org which is used to provide direct and immediate financial support to victims of mass casualty crime from across the country at any time of need.

2. Donated $250 to San Antonio Foodbank which actively fights hunger and feeds hope in San Antonio and Southwest Texas!

3. All-Star Packs were gifted to 10 community members during the 1 billion dollar NBA Top Shot transaction milestone on May 20, 2022

4. We’ve secured 80 tickets to send fans to 10 weekend games this upcoming season! 

5. We’ve raffled off a Kawhi Leonard Vintage Vibes Moment, a DeMar Derozan Rare Top Shot Debut Moment, and 12 other prizes!

6.  Distributed 127 Spurs Rare Moments through our Upgrade Program 

You can unlock unique and once-in-a-lifetime experiences by signing up for an NBA Top Shot account today and collecting your favorite San Antonio Spurs Moment™ NFTs.

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