Welcome to the page of TSD Garden – the home of NBA Top Shot collectors who are die hard fans of the 17x champion Boston Celtics. 

Our goals are to grow, engage and give back to our community. 

We do that through a variety of ways: Celtics game tickets, watch parties, Moment giveaways and more!



If you are a Boston Celtics set holder, stop by our #boston-celtics channel on the NBA Top Shot Discord and say hi to participate in some Celtics chat and free giveaways. 

We have an inclusive community who is always excited to meet someone new and chat about the current Celtics team and Celtics Moments on Top Shot. By being an active member in our community, you have the ability to participate in all of our giveaways (and we love giveaways!).  These include Top Shot Moments, game tickets, Celtics merch, and more.

If you're a Celtics fan not yet on NBA Top Shot, be sure to create an account and let us know.  Send us a tweet/DM on Twitter @TSDGarden if you need any help or advice!

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